A selection of our work

Some games and interactives that exemplify our mission to make the world better through play.

The Atomic Labs logo


BBC Bitesize: Atomic Labs

How we designed ‘explosive’ interactive educational content for BBC Bitesize.

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The navigo logo

iRead | fish in a bottle

Navigo reading game app

Personalised learning technology that supports the development of reading skills in primary age children.

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The Great Fire of London: Interactive story

Using interactive stories and experiential learning to teach history in new and exciting ways

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The Scoodle Play logo


Scoodle Play educational platform

Using gamification to make educational content more entertaining and engaging for children

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The Danger Mouse game logo


Danger Mouse: Super Awesome Danger Squad

Danger Mouse is as British as a cup of tea, Buckingham Palace and elections. Here’s how we made a game equally as British.

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An underwater fossil


The Oxford University Museum of Natural History Interactives

Developing interactive experiences that enable visitors to connect with scientific research at Oxford University

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