Danger Mouse: Super Awesome Danger Squad

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Danger Mouse is as British as a cup of tea, the Queen and elections. Here’s how we made a game equally as British.

We collaborated closely with the brand and senior stakeholders to ensure everything we created met the brand’s approval.

Working with the BBC we developed the super-ridiculous strategy game, Danger Mouse: Super Awesome Danger Squad. Making a game all about strategy afforded us some breathing space to create an original story and script for the game. We started with the central theme of teamwork and decided to explore the idea that everyone around Danger Mouse had been captured (both friends and foes) by some illusive villain. Playing as Danger Mouse, you had to team up with both friends and foes to get to the bottom of the mystery and free all characters from the DM universe.

An artist works at their computer
A game screenshot

Animating the well- known and well-loved Danger Mouse for inclusion in a game battle scene

We devised a suitably mad-cap story and wrote an original script for the game, which was voiced by titans of British comedy including Alexander Armstrong, Dave Lamb and Kevin Eldon. Working with such a high-profile IP meant that we had to collaborate closely with the brand and senior stakeholders to ensure everything we created met the brand’s approval.

A game screenshot
A game screenshot

Incorporating the same style of humour from the TV show into the game

Writing comedy into gaming can be really tricky, particularly when it has to replicate the style of comedy that the TV show is known for. Making sure we had the right level of complexity to keep the target audience engaged was also important. To test our assumptions, we conducted a number of user testing sessions at a local school. The kids were full of ideas and  helped us to improve the user experience by making sure the more complicated elements to the game could be easily understood.

In order to successfully design and build a game based on a well-known brand, research and attention to detail are key.

Danger Mouse: Super Awesome Danger Squad launched on the CBBC website and due to its success, was followed with an update which featured more characters and levels.

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