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Our purposeful games studio is a place where your talents can truly make a difference.

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Purpose, not just perks

At fish in a bottle, you get more than just perks (although we have plenty of those too).

We provide a unique opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives through your work.

Here, your success extends beyond the games you work on — you will join us in helping shape a future where gaming is a force for positive change.

Creativity and impact

Our studio is where creativity and impact converge.

Joining fish in a bottle means collaborating with the world's biggest names in entertainment and learning, as well as nurturing the visionaries who will become tomorrow's success stories.

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You're part of our mission

At fish in a bottle, you're more than just a part of the machinery; you're a vital contributor to our collective success, with every opportunity to make your mark and drive our mission forward.


Here's what we do to support and reward you in your work.

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