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The Game Changers mission is to improve people’s lives through games and interactivity.

Brought to you by the purposeful games studio fish in a bottle, this podcast is for people who believe in the positive power of play.

Listen for insight into the technology and innovations that are driving purposeful play and the metaverse with meaning - brought to you by the people who are making it.

The Game Changers Podcast is part of the Game Changers community, a free, safe and inclusive space for professionals involved in games with purpose.

Latest episodes...

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Episode 2: 23 mins

Turn on the Subtitles

Justin is joined by Henry Warren, founder of Turn on the Subtitles to discuss the powerful impact of a small change in children’s viewing habit.

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Episode 1: 30 mins

Winning the AI Copyright Game

Justin is joined by Jamie Smith from the entertainment Law Firm Sheridans. They explore ways that games studios can stay on the right side of the law when using generative platforms like ChatGPT and Stability AI.

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