The Game Changers Community

With over 1000 members (including people from Meta, Disney, LEGO, and the BBC)  the Game Changers Community is a free, safe and inclusive space for professionals involved in games with purpose, brought to you by the purposeful games studio fish in a bottle.

Are you involved in the business of improving people’s lives through the positive power of gameplay? Then the Game Changers Community is for you.

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“Our mission is to make the world better through playable experiences. To do that, we’re building a community of the best minds on the planet and  sharing knowledge.”

Justin Eames | CEO
fish in a bottle

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What is it?

The Game Changers Community started life as a simple newsletter and is growing and evolving over time. It’s free to join, and always will be. Right now, joining give you access to:

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You’ll be in good company. The Game Changers Community is currently made up of over 1000 professionals across education, academia, brands, media, tech and arts & culture.

It all revolves around the weekly-ish Game Changers newsletter. From there you'll get invites to links and resources including podcast episodes and webinars.

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