Ten Tips: How To Get Your Dream Job

Ten Tips: How To Get Your Dream Job

By Laura Seymour October 2022

If you’re interested in working in a creative environment, like ours here at fish in a bottle, it’ll be good for you to understand that our talent recruitment process isn’t like that of a regular organisation.

You’re probably already aware of the perks and opportunities. There are free drinks, flexible working hours, a relaxed environment plus loads of other nice things to enjoy. You’ll be looked after and supported, plus there’s the opportunity to work on some high profile projects for famous names with amazing people.

All of our positions are highly sought after and we can get up to 200 applications within a few days of announcing a new opening, so the reality is that if you’re serious about getting here, you’re facing a lot of competition.

How can you cut through that noise and make your application reach the shortlist?

I want to share with you my ten tips for getting that dream role in a creative business like fish in a bottle.

  1. Make sure you provide everything that’s been requested. This is a real biggy. Think about it, yours is one of hundreds of applications, so make reviewing your application as easy as possible and you won’t get filtered out for not following simple instructions.
  2. Make sure your work examples are awesome. We never offer anyone an interview without seeing examples of their work. If you’re referencing a project you’ve worked on then make it really clear what you did on it. This doesn’t just apply to studio people. Don’t be run of the mill; whatever role you’re going for, we want to be excited about your past achievements.
  3. Your covering note is really important. So take time over it. Keep it concise, highlight the best things about you and match those to the skills we’re looking for. Explain why you want to join us and what it means to you. Don’t just duplicate the same old thing, we’ll spot that and it makes us think you’re not being very selective.
  4. Refine your CV. Refine it for every company and position you apply for. Don’t assume someone’s going to read every word so pick out the things that are most relevant to the position you’re applying for and stick those at the top. Be brutal with the cutting knife. Make it concise, if you’re going over two pages it’s too long (one pagers are ideal). Don’t use small fonts or cram stuff in. Trust me, it only takes a few really relevant and exciting sentences to get us to want to hear more from you, so focus on those things. More about CVs later.
  5. Don’t call us, we’ll call you. That might sound dismissive, and we don’t mean it like that. We love talking to talented and interesting people, but of course the reality is that there are too many people applying to speak with everyone. Every application we receive gets a formal response, and it doesn’t increase your chances if you call up or chase us.
  6. We really want you to get the job, so listen to our advice. We always look for the best in people. We want you to be amazing and if you’re invited in for an interview we’ll give you as many pointers as we can. We can provide information on our typical dress code, our culture and what to expect when you arrive. Pay attention to that advice because it’s designed to help you. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, we’re a family and you need to show us that you can fit in. So don’t turn up wearing a suit when our dress code is casual, for example.
  7. Be organised. Be punctual. Don’t leave directions to chance. Bring everything you’re asked to and if you need a device or an internet connection then arrange it well in advance. If in doubt, ask. Basically, don’t mess up the simple stuff.
  8. Focus on what’s important. There’s always a chance to ask questions and it’s important to do that. But think about what’s going to be most significant for you. Is what you’re asking about going to sway your decision, or ours perhaps? Salary is important, but it’s not usually the thing that will make you happy in your work. At interview ask questions about the handful of things that are most important to you and that show you in a good light.
  9. Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know”. You don’t have to have an answer for everything. People overestimate how much they need to know. We only need to be impressed by a few things you say and the rest we believe you can learn. Be confident, but don’t try to wing it, people spot that.
  10. Qualifications aren’t important. Here comes a really important one. We have a strict policy of not looking at the qualifications on people’s CVs. In fact we may not look at your CV at all. We once interviewed and hired someone who sent us a single line in an email – he showed originality and creativity in just one sentence. We usually prioritise examples of work, achievements and your covering note because those demonstrate your capability, enthusiasm and cultural fit. Those things carry the most weight so focus on them.

So now you’ve read my ten tips, check out our talent section, your dream job could be there.

Laura Seymour
Blog Author:
Laura Seymour
Laura is the Operations Director at fish in a bottle, responsible for talent acquisition and staff development.

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