Announcing the Game Changers Podcast

Announcing the Game Changers Podcast

By Justin Eames August 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of the Game Changers Podcast.

Game Changers is our knowledge sharing community for people involved in commissioning, publishing and creating games with purpose.

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The Game Changers Podcast is hosted by fish in a bottle’s CEO Justin Eames. In episode 1 he’s joined by AI legal expert Jamie Smith from the law firm Sheridans.

Justin and Jamie dive straight into one of the hottest topics in games development and publishing:

AI for games and the copyright, ethics, and monetisation challenges surrounding it.

If you’re involved in commissioning, publishing, or making games, this episode is for you.

Jamie joins the podcast from Sheridans, renowned as the go-to law firm for games, media, and tech businesses.

With a background in games and media from his time at Sony PlayStation and VFX giant, The Mill, Jamie offers insights and practical tips that apply directly to game makers.

The conversation offers a snapshot of the current landscape, with Jamie highlighting high-profile AI legal cases and the recent Hollywood strikes. He dissects the grey areas of AI copyright in games, answering key questions like:

– How do we balance the exploitation of AI opportunities while operating within future regulations?

– What’s the future of intellectual property rights for AI generated assets?

Justin and Jamie talk about the race to ingest more and more of our human-made creations into AI datasets, and how we might find opportunity in that.

While we can’t halt progress, the path forward does present challenges. Jamie gives practical advice on pragmatic approaches that open up opportunities using AI right now.

Listen to this episode to take a deep dive with us into the potential of a gaming landscape that enhances player experience through AI.

Justin Eames
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Justin Eames
Justin is fish in a bottle’s CEO and Head of Innovation. He demystifies digital product development and helps organisations design for success.

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