Innovating the kitchen design experience

Innovating the kitchen design experience

Empowering everyday users to design their dream kitchens through our class leading kitchen planner tool for Häfele.

“We created a Kitchen Planner Tool that places innovation at the centre of kitchen design. It empowers everyday users to create beautiful designs that bring enhanced functionality to their kitchens.”

We’ve all had a go at designing something around our homes. Maybe for you that was your dream kitchen. Perhaps you tried one of the online tools on the big home improvement store websites. If so, you’ve most likely found it a frustrating experience. Long download times, installing plugins, design views that are hard to use, awkward controls… the list of flaws goes on. And then you print out your design and realise that half your cupboards are floating above the ground.

According to our client Häfele, you’ve just hit one of the major barriers that most homeowners have when they start considering the kitchen of their dreams.

Häfele are the world’s leading supplier of furniture fittings and architectural hardware. They selected us to deliver their vision for a class leading online kitchen planner tool. The result is a tool that’s easy to use yet capable, free of frustration, and bridges the gap between homeowners and professional kitchen design experts.

The Kitchen Planning Tool is a class leading design tool that’s both easy to use and powerful

In order to deliver a tool that was inspiring and user-friendly, while at the same time being a powerful design device, we developed user personas based on target audience groups. This allowed us to identify how the tool would be used, the features needed to guide customers through task barriers, and ultimately, improve the quality of their user experience. Häfele had a vision that their tool would allow customers to plan their dream kitchen using an educate, inform and inspire philosophy. By applying expert knowledge, complex algorithms and high quality 3D visualisations, we believe this vision was achieved.

We designed the kitchen planner tool to reach the widest audience possible. As a web app, no software plugins or lengthy downloads are needed. Using a careful combination of the latest JavaScript frameworks means the tool works with practically every browser, including IE11.

Häfele’s Kitchen Planner Tool is uniquely positioned – no other customer facing design tool directly connects the journey from inspiration and design to professional kitchen design services.

Hosted on Häfele’s lifestyle website, Ideas for Living, the tool not only enables the user to design a virtual version of their dream kitchen, it connects them with the Häfele Studio Partners network of award-winning, elite British kitchen designers. The user journey produces a product list and prompts to connect with local design studios in order to bring their digital creation to life.

The Kitchen Planner Tool bridges the gap between homeowner inspiration and professional kitchen design, providing customers with expert guidance to create super-stylish and flawlessly functional living spaces.

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