The Rise of the Parent- Teacher

The Rise of the Parent- Teacher

March 2020

Last updated 27th November 2020

Across the globe, current events have required all of us to make considerable changes to our daily lives. Many of us are now tasked with keeping our kids engaged with their education, which can often be a struggle at the best of times. We wanted to put together a list of fish in a bottle approved and trusted resources to help you entertain and motivate your kids in learning, alongside their existing schoolwork.

Some of these resources are always free, and some are only free for the present situation.  As we find more great content for you, we’ll update it here.


  • BBC Bitesize for kids age 3 – 16+, with daily content designed to support independent learning
  • BBC Teach  for kids 5 -16+, short educational videos on various school subject
  • Breakout Edu at Home digital games covering a range of subject- US based (free while the kids are off)
  • Century English, maths and science resources for Years 3 – 11 (free while the kids are off)
  • Classroom Secret Kids EFYS to Year 6 activities for independent learning
  • CK12 Foundation a range of science and math resources for a range of ages- US based
  • Dyslexia Academy resources and courses for students with dyslexia (1 month free trial)
  • Khan Academy a variety of online courses and daily schedules for kids age 2 – 18+, US based
  • PE with Joe Wicks it’s not just about keeping their minds active, Joe has a number of PE classes on his Youtube channel
  • Maths with Carol Vorderman maths activities for kids age 4 – 12 (free while the kids are off)
  • Twinkl lessons, schedules and activities for a range of ages
  • Geography and Natural History fun facts and Q&As with Steve Backshall
  • Oak National Academy an online classroom and resource hub created by teachers with video lessons for all age groups
  • TED-Ed@Home high quality, interactive video-based lessons from the TED Talks team


  • Raspberry Pi learn to code with Scratch and Python (you don’t need a Raspberry Pi to get a lot out of this content)
  • coding projects you can do at home (if you don’t have a PC at home, there are projects for smartphones)
  • Purple Mash computing and digital skills for KS1 and KS2 (free while the kids are off)
  • Minecraft: The Education Edition creativity, collaboration and problem-solving in an immersive digital environment

Natural History

For the little ones


Book Club

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