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We’ve recently worked with the BBC’s digital innovation unit, the Guerrilla Group, exploring new ways that audiences can interact with BBC content.

We developed Live Lounge Auditions, a prototype web app that explores how the short-form video sharing service Vine could be used to connect the BBC Radio 1 audience with guest artists and other audience members.


People can vote up or vote down audience submitted content

Live Lounge Auditions is a simple web app prototype that pulls in Vines using a customisable hashtag. For our prototype we used #6secondcover. Audiences can submit their own content directly through Vine and have it appear instantly on the Radio 1 website through an embedded web app. People can then vote up or vote down Vines to form a chart of the best audience generated music covers.

The idea is that using Live Lounge Auditions, radio presenters like Fearne Cotton can invite audiences to upload their own covers of up and coming Live Lounge guests (past guests have included Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran). Show producers can use that audience generated content not only on the BBC’s own website, but as a vehicle to build their reach on Vine and other social channels, building hype around a programme event.


Our prototype shows how audiences can engage with Live Lounge guest artists

We chose Vine because its demographic overlaps that of the BBC’s Radio 1 audience and because it’s an established short form video sharing platform with a focus on creative content. Vine is also structured well for virality and has an API that allows us to easily pull content out and into other channels.

What’s next for Live Lounge Auditions?

Our simple prototype was designed to show how established social networks like Vine can be used to support any event or subject matter where an audience can be creative, for example with impersonations or auditions.

We also showed that a community voting mechanism could be used to filtering content on mass and quickly demonstrate what’s popular with audiences right now. That’s potentially a really valuable asset for any broadcaster committed to keeping content fresh and relevant to its audience.

Having piqued interest within the BBC, it’s going to be interesting to see where we can take the Live Lounge Auditions concept. Watch this space.