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I feel very honoured to share the news that we’ve won two BBC Taster Awards for Casualty: First Day.

At the time of writing, our interactive episode of BBC One’s Casualty has been viewed over 1.5million times and stands out as the most viewed and most rated project on the BBC’s Taster website.



Casualty: First Day uses on-set, live-action footage to bring to life a complex branching storyline that includes games

For us Casualty: First Day was an experiment, an answer to the question “can drama be made interactive?”. By taking a highly recognised brand like Casualty and using interactive video we created a different, more immersive experience than linear broadcast TV can offer.


Incase you’re wondering, the awards are 3D printed and are in the unique shape of our analytics chart for Casualty: First Day. A nice touch!

You can read more about how we made Casualty: First Day, as well as find out why interactive stories hold so much promise for broadcasters and brands.

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