Announcing The Ideation Framework a digital product methodology

Announcing The Ideation Framework a digital product methodology

By Justin Eames September 2022

Wouldn’t it be great to have a simple method that makes digital product design easier, reduces risk, removes doubt and increases success?

Wouldn’t it be even better if that method was produced by a leading digital product design studio? One who had proven it over twenty years and hundreds of real world digital products for the world’s biggest organisations and most innovative startups?

Well read on…

As Head of Innovation at fish in a bottle, I’m thrilled to announce that we will be gifting The Ideation Framework, our method of designing successful digital products and services (websites, apps, games and interactives), to anyone leading digital product development.

As the first step in that commitment, we’ve produced The Ideation Playbook – a foundational overview of the full Ideation Framework that is simple to understand and easy for anyone to apply to digital product design.

The Ideation Playbook cover

You can download The Ideation Playbook, or read on to find out more about the full Ideation Framework and our plans for it.

Designed for digital

A proven, action-based method, The Ideation Framework has been refined over 20 years and hundreds of real world digital product and service design.

Using a five-step method, The Ideation Framework is based on proven design thinking. It’s been specifically designed to reduce risk, remove doubt and increase success when leading the creation of websites, apps, games and interactives.

A framework for everyone

The Ideation Framework provides simple, easy to apply methods that can help anyone responsible for the success of a digital product or service.

Digital product start-ups

Understand the detail of your opportunity. Quickly identify the needs of the people who will be using your product. Prove your concept while managing risk and unlocking funding stages.

Established organisations

Align and motivate teams. Capture organisational requirements. Deliver features to fixed budgets, time and resource. Communicate internally and get stakeholder buy-in. 

Digital transformation

Understand the merits of an existing product or service. Put structure around feature ideation. Ensure the needs of your users are at the heart of your improvements. 

Inspiration, ideation and implementation

All successful ideas move through three stages: inspiration, ideation and implementation.

Inspiration is the motivation to explore an opportunity that has been identified

Ideation is the work carried out to explore, improve and prepare ideas for successful implementation

Implementation is the process of making an idea a reality – creating a digital product or service for example, but it applies also to organisational processes

The Ideation Framework is a great method of moving ideas from the inspiration stage and preparing them for implementation.

The ideation stage in digital product and service development is critical because no matter how brilliant your idea is, it needs to be implemented well to find success.

Prove concepts and reduce risk

The Ideation Framework will help you discover and validate digital product features before building them out. Discovery actions explore opportunities while validation actions confirm assumptions.

Prioritise and roadmap features

The Ideation Playbook will show you how to prioritise and roadmap features in preparation for handover to a digital product development team. Using simple processes that align to agile development methodologies you will improve alignment between teams and increase effectiveness. 

Training and funding

We’re planning to offer training to help people involved in digital product design understand and implement The Ideation Framework.

In addition we also plan to offer funding to start-ups and existing organisations who we will benefit from applying The Ideation Framework.

Justin Eames
Blog Author:
Justin Eames
Justin is fish in a bottle’s CEO and Head of Innovation. He demystifies digital product development and helps organisations design for success.

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